Whitestone PTA is excited to offer an enrichment program to our students, the Whitestone Chess Club! This program uses the game of chess to teach students critical math skills in areas of logic, concentration, critical thinking, and strategy.
Chess Club is every Friday from 7:00-7:40 A.M.
This program is completely run by volunteers. We need parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc. to help run this program. We will need several volunteers to mentor the students on the rules and strategy involved in chess. We need 4 volunteers each Friday morning.  Please contact Siva Manikanteswaran at ranjshiv@gmail.com
to volunteer.
There is no cost to join the program.  If your child would like to participate in area-wide chess tournaments, they will need to become a member of the US Chess Federation.  Kids are not required to participate in any tournaments to be a part of the chess club.  Please visit www.austinchesstournaments.com for a list of upcoming tournaments.

re-Registration - Pre-Register at https://goo.gl/KDJcbZ . I will work with PTA and Principal/Asst Principal once I get an idea on how many kids might participate in club this year and what criteria if any we can use to decide who can be in the club this year or if we can expand to other days or more space.

Schedule - Here is the tentative schedule .School authorities and PTA can guide me and change this ( I always add these disclaimers to avoid any issues with PTA or school authorities.. All I want is a 'good game of chess'!!). I will work the exact dates once I receive some more input after we meet with parents/kids and anyone else who has input in first few weeks after school starts.

1. T1 - Sep 7- oct 15 for kids going to tournament

2. Public - Oct 15-Feb 15 for everyone

3. T2- Feb 15- Apr 15 - for kids going to tournament (Late Spring tournaments)

T1 and T2 refers to tournaments such as

Target Tournament - First tournament is at 2018 Meridian Scholastic Chess Tournament