Math Pentathlon



Whitestone Elementary School PTA is pleased to offer the Math Pentathlon (MP) program for the sixth year in a row! This national, after-school Math Enrichment program (www.mathpentath.org) consists of fun, interactive, problem-solving games that strengthen basic math concepts and skills and promote creative and strategic thinking.

There are three divisions at the elementary school level:

Division I: Kindergarten & 1st graders

Division II: 2nd & 3rd graders

Division III: 4th & 5th graders


·    Math Pentathlon is offered by the PTA at no cost to families. However, donations towards the program for materials, games and supplies are appreciated. A donation of $15 per student is suggested. Please make checks payable to Whitestone PTA. Please notate on the memo line: “Math Pentathlon” and bring to the first parent training.

·   The Math Pentathlon tournament will be held in Austin in April 2019. There is a cost of around $40 per student for registration, but the tournament is optional. Should your student decide to enter the tournament, the tournament registration fee is the responsibility of the student’s family. This fee is payable directly to the national Math Pentathlon program through their registration website (link will be posted when available).


·      If your student wants to be part of Math Pentathlon, we want him/her to join us for fun and fellowship!

·      Each child will be kind and respectful towards fellow students, parents and teachers. This is a team-based program where children work together to learn and play problem-solving games. Mutual respect for others and good sportsmanship is presumed and rewarded. Behavior issues will be reported to Mrs. Prindle and to the parent(s).

·     Each student will be picked up at the side of the school by portables promptly at 3:30 PM. Volunteers will be there until 3:40 PM to assist with parent pick-up. After 3:40, pick-up is considered late.

·     Math Pentathlon is 100% volunteer run. The quality of this after-school enrichment program is based on the volunteers who support it, and parents, grandparents or older siblings are needed to help run this program.

·      First through fifth grade parents must sign up to volunteer at (6) after-school practice dates throughout the regular session prior to registering their student. If your child is participating in the Math Pentathlon Tournament, parents will need to volunteer for an additional (3) dates during the tournament prep session.

·      NOTE: All Kinder students require a parent to be present at each practice.

·      Parent Volunteers will have two training dates in October to learn how to play and facilitate the MP games.

· If for any reason, the volunteer is unable to attend on their selected date, he/she should contact the Division Leader or the MP Coordinators as soon as possible to secure a substitute volunteer so that the practice can still occur.


1.  Select your volunteer dates on the Volunteer Schedule at http://whitestone.my-pta.org. Go to the Volunteer tab at the top of the page, and scroll down to the Math Pentathlon section to sign up.

2.  Complete the online Registration form for each child participating in MP at https://goo.gl/forms/TT7Zwj1OU2u2Vc1C3 .

3.  Complete the Change of Transportation form and return to the front office: http://schools.leanderisd.org/users/0031/docs/trans_change.pdf . Change mode of transportation to “Math Pentathlon” for MP Thursday practices.

4.  Please email the MP coordinators, Tara Mills and Sara Riddles at whitestonemathp@gmail.com with any questions.


·     Registration for the program is online and open from August 27th – October 1st only.

·     Volunteer Orientation and Training meetings: Thursday, October 11th and Monday, October 15th after school in portables or library. Will send email for confirmation.

·     Weekly Practices: Thursdays beginning October 25th from 2:45-3:30 PM. Spring end date will be determined by spring tournament date.

·     Regular Session, Thursdays, 10/25/18-2/21/19

·     Tournament Prep Session, Thursdays, 2/28/19-Division Tournament

    · Tournament Registration by (date to be determined  )

      Spring tournament: April 2019 (dates to be determined)


·        More info will be posted here as becomes available on the national Math Pentathlon website: www.mathpentath.org